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Stationary diesel-powered units

A stable power supply is a chief factor for the development of a country. There are however, a number of barriers impeding the rapid development of a region with a weak infrastructure. Namely the planning, construction and commissioning times of a conventional power station which often sum up to 8 or 10 years. On the contrary, the tried and tested CONEX container systems permit the installation of reliable multi-gigawatt power generation capacities at short notice, in a few months. If the project is on a larger scale and if the customer desires, CONEX also offers rental solutions.

We have the necessary experience and expert knowledge to make your project a success.

Mobile and towable units

Compact Power. Individual modules up to 3,250 kVA at 60 Hz. Mobile units or stationary solutions. CONEX makes it possible even if it becomes difficult! Take advantage of our expertise and our many years of experience. Expert knowledge, high quality standards and innovative ideas combine to form tailor-made and reliable special solutions for any application.

More and more of our customers opt for the container concept even for the use in stationary applications. The advantages, of course, are obvious:

  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Very short commissioning periods
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Cost-efficient infrastructure investments (cooling, exhaust gas, air and tank systems)
  • Mobility and worldwide logistic compatibility; fast and cost-efficient transport to any location

Additional advantages compared to built-in units are:

  • Savings in construction costs for the machine housing
  • Savings in additional costs for expensive infrastructure investments
  • No site-dependency as the container system can be moved with little effort

All CONEX container units are delivered in modified 20 or 40 foot standard containers. Container units which produce very high power outputs are operated in parallel and are equipped with an appropriate load management system and if necessary, step-up transformers used to generate medium voltages.

Switching systems for low and medium voltages

We cater to your needs including switch systems and related issues such as control, monitoring and protection of your unit, power grid and electric loads. Both state-of-the-art and sophisticated switching system technology offers our customers the highest levels of safety, comfort and functionality.

CONEX delivers standard switch systems and individual solutions including all required power components for:

  • Low and medium voltages
  • Isolated and permanent operation
  • Manual and automatic mains backup operation
  • Automatic emergency operation in accordance with international standards
  • Mains parallel operation
  • Peak-load operation
  • Suitable combinations of the operating modes described above
  • Isolated or parallel operation with load management

A membrane keypad on the front panel allows a highly comfortable operation and parameter setting of our units. Remote control and a compatible diagnostic and parameter setting software are available as an option for even more convenience.