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Company Profile


Dr. Ing. Klockenberg starts in Berlin with the engineering, delivery and erection of Diesel Power Plants and the production of diesel generating sets under the trade mark "DEKA".


First registration of "CONEX" as protected trade mark by Deutsches Patentamt, Munich. Manufacturer of electrical machines and precision instruments.


Foundation of CONEX-Energietechnik GmbH in West-Berlin as manufacturer of Diesel Generating Sets 50 to 6000 kVA and CONEX Diesel-Electro GmbH in Hamburg as the exporting company for CONEX gensets, power stations, water pumping and filtration stations.


A joint venture agreement has been signed with a long established switchboard-manufacturer near Hamburg for the exclusive manufacturing of CONEX control panels, MV panels and power management systems for gensets and power plants. Joint venture company name is HPS, also producing protection relays. The size of the new production area is 2000 m2.


A new fabrication workshop near Hamburg (Henstedt-Ulzburg) has been founded for the production of standard gensets 10 to 5000 kVA for the increasing export demand of CONEX Diesel-Electro GmbH. The size of the new production area is 6000 m2. Production is joined with ABZ Aggregatebau, which is certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by SGS-ICS.


CONEX: Implementation of Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2000, actual validity date of certificate: 18th March 2016.


CONEX Diesel-Electro GmbH changes its company name to: Power Systems CONEX GmbH (Newly registered).


ABZ Workshop extension and new test bench by additional 4000 m2.


New agreement was made between ABZ Aggregatebau and CONEX. CONEX as sales company will become subsidiary company of ABZ Aggregatebau (owner change in 2016).

Actual no. of employees:

ABZ & CONEX employ approximately 60 people of which 50 are related to the workshop/factory.

General Manager:

Jan Dircks and Thomas Hahn